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January 5, 2013

I took a great class on Digital Marketing a few months back and took the below quiz as an introduction.   Don’t peek at the answers below too quickly!

1.     Who spends more time online on average? Men or women?
2.     What are the top three product categories that people buy via smart phone apps?
3.     What percentage of companies are now using Twitter?
4.     By late 2011, how many tweets were there per day on Twitter?
5.     What simple addition to a web page can help double conversion rates?

1.     Women. Spending an average 8% more time at 25 hours per week.
2.     Groceries (76 GBP a month), travel tickets (56 GBP a month) and clothing (47 GBP a month).
3.     83% of companies are using Twitter as part of their social media strategy.
4.     250 million tweets per day or 3,000 per second.
5.     Adding photos of people to a web page can often improve conversion rates.  

PPhoto credit: Burberry


  1. Wow, that Twitter stat is pretty mind-blowing! Happy Near Year! Julia x

  2. This was very interesting! Thanks for sharing! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy New Year!




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