Google+ Guest Blogger: J.A. on Vintage Watches

Guest Blogger: J.A. on Vintage Watches

November 6, 2012

I always believed that when you buy a luxury item you are first and foremost buying history and legacy.  This surely applies to vintage watches.  Wearing a 50 year old beautiful watch is a powerful statement and clearly defines a personality that believes in heritage, history and a passion for things well done.

I personally have a preference for 2 brands: IWC and Patek Philippe. Both of them have passed the test of time and have always been at the forefront of the best Swiss technology and tradition.  It’s a very difficult task to find the right piece at the right price, but research definitely helps in making the right purchase.  Always remember to buy from a reputable dealer and don't forget to choose a cool strap!



  1. Amazing blog¡¡

  2. Haute brand, Vintage and style, timeless! Great Blog!,

    1. Thank you! J.A. will also be excited you enjoyed his guest post!

  3. I love my vintage Omega. A classic from the 50's!

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